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Streaming Video Clips on Dialog - FLASH v7 or v8 needed
Videography by Robert and JoEllan Wyatt - Video editing by Gary Lambert - Venue, 2007 ACME California Retreat


What is Dialog? - Jim and Bea Strickland - 1:34 minutes, 2.2 mbytes

A Dialog about Dialog - Jim and Bea Strickland - 3:21 minutes, 4.5 mbytes

Rules for Dialog with references - Jim and Bea Strickland - 8:04 minutes 11.6 mbytes

An "Exploratory" Dialog - Roy and Lynn Blom - 7:30 minutes, 10.7 mbytes

An "Affirmative" Dialog - Paul and Edna Wallace - 2:20 minutes, 3.6 mbytes


These Video clips give good examples about what "public dialog" is.

Dialog is the foundation for ACME and MEG groups. These techniques improve and enrich communications between marriage partners.

MEG groups can be formed that are used to sharpen these skills through structured dialog techniques.

MEG groups offer a "safe harbor" to practice these valuable communication skills.


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