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Subject: Testamonials from 2009 ECCO Retreat

"I really appreciate the thought, organization and work efforts that go into this retreat. The truthfulness, honesty and skill of the small group leaders has created a place of comfort and safety to both work as a couuple and relax at the same time."

"An annual retreat that energizes, stimulates and guides our marriage. Thank you Acme and Jim and Bea."

"I appreciate the large group experiences the way they tackle powerfully charged issues in marriage. I is a lot easier to feel comfortable talking about them with my partner once they were discussed in the larger setting."

Subject: ACME Retreat 2008

We liked the facilities, the small groups and the lovely (and loving) people. The "panel" of experts was just fantastic. The retreat was very well thought out, but very casual. I was amazed by the creativity in the details.

- Helen Witter

Subject: ACME Retreat 2008

I enjoyed all the different parts of the retreat. The speakers were excellent. The small groups provided a safe place for Bob and I to dialogue and listen to others dialogue. In this format I personally had some realizations that may not have presented themselves at any other time. It was especially healing to hear that others had similar challenges in their marriage. Listening to them dialogue gave the rest of us hope that we could do the same thing.

The panel was informative and fun. Everyone did a great job.

With Love & Appreciation - Anne Welker

Subject: ACME Retreat 2007

Paul and I came away with a feeling of warmth and rejuvenation from being part of this intentional community: a willing, genuine village of couples coming together to face their marriages and each other ... to celebrate what's going well; to struggle with what's not going as well. We came away with "I see you; I am here."

-Edna Wallace  

Subject: ACME Retreats

My wife, Gail and I are coming up on 40 years married this December 2006. Most of those years were good years. But since the ACME retreat of about 6 years ago, our marriage has gradually improved to excellent.

6 Years ago, I was a bit reluctant to go to the retreat, but once I commit to something I usually give it my all. My wife became a little fearful when she realized that I actually had "issues" that I wanted to discuss in the dialog groups. Well, the fear has gradually turned to trust on both our parts. Where our marriage used to be "good" with a backdrop of occasional passive/aggressive behavior on both our part, It is now great since both Gail and I will not allow a problem to build to a point where it starts to affect our marriage.

We have since moved onto ACME leadership training since we want to share the gift of living harmoniously with other friends and acquaintances. My only problem with ACME is that it is not publicized enough and that more people could benefit if they only knew some of the secrets we have learned.

Robert Griffith
The Engineers' Club
Phone 408-316-0488

Subject - 2007 RETREAT:

I always wanted my boyfriend of 6 years to look in my eyes and listening compassionately to me. I had a deep unmet need to be seen, appreciated, and loved unconditionally. Believe me, and I know you do, I tried everything short of paying him to give me good attention! It wasn't until we attended our firs MEG retreat that all of my deepest needs for loving attention were met.

Lynn and Roy  were amazingly fun and heart felt about educating our group of couples during the retreat. It was there we realized how isolated we'd felt as a couple and how healing it was to witness other couples "dialoguing" about their relationship. And the amazing thing is, my boyfriend loves "dialoguing."  He in fact enjoys it so much that he shares our growth as a couple as a result of dialoguing with other people in conversations regularly. I am so happy now to know that I am heard and loved in a way that feels real to me. And I love to give him loving attention during dialoguing.

One of the best assets of the dialoguing process is the lack of fixing, interrupting, and diagnosing one another. Amazing healings happen when we are each heard with love. It is amazing to me that talking with my partner has become a regular part of our relationship that we put time aside for and plan for. And when we are in conflict, it is often him who says we should sit down and dialogue about it. That is so sweet for me, and our hearts are so much happier as we continue the process of truly getting to know one another with the feeling of safety "dialoguing" has given us.

We have benefited so much from "dialoguing" that we invited 6 couples to our house to be educated by Bea and Jim Strickland and Bob and Gail Griffith. These two couples were kind enough to bless us in our home and to lead a half day workshop on dialoguing for free. The day was heartwarming for everyone. 4 of the couples want to meet once a month with Michael and me to practice the dialoguing skills.

My dream of continuing to dialogue and creating a local group in the Monterey area is manifesting! I am so grateful to Bea, Jim, Gail, and Bob for getting us going. Thank you to MEG and ACME for improving the quality of our relationship and giving us a tool we can share with others.

Bari Roberts

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