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Gail and Bob Griffith
Prepare/Enrich trained Couple & Marriage Mentors

Certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage Mentors
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Bob and Gail Griffith Certified ACME Leader Couple

Couple Mentoring is a proven process for improving relationships of pre-marital couples, married couples, cohabitation partners, and retired couples.

Bob and Gail Griffith have been active in the "Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment" (ACME) since 2001and are trained/certified leader couples. They have completed a comprehensive course in Marriage Mentoring in conjunction with the "Prepare/Enrich" program guidelines.

This process is NOT meant for severely distressed couples, but more for couples who have hit a few "snags" in the road and need a relationship "tune up".

The process starts with a "couples questionnaire" taken online independently by each individual. The questionnaire is comprehensive and covers most areas where problems or concerns may arise in a relationship. The questionaires are tailored toward the couple (i.e. pre-marital, married, married with kids, life mates, etc.). It is essential that each person takes the test without consulting their partner or the effectiveness of the exercise will be lost.

The results are given to the mentors. The Mentors will arrange 6 sessions with you to go over the results and help formulate plans to celebrate your couple strengths and exercises to work on growth areas.

You will be shown which areas are your "strong" points, and which areas have room for growth. This is all done in a respectful and orderly fashion that allows time for integration of the skills.

This process quickly highlights "focus" areas for immediate growth in your relationship. All that is needed is a willing and cooperative spirit. Even the best of relationships can stand a little "fine tuning" now and then.

The cost for the test and 5 or 6 sessions is $395 (includes a membership in Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment, ACME).

$100 is paid inititally before the questionnaire is administered (internet access is required), and the sessions (in the mentor's home). The balance of $295 is paid on or before the 1st counseling session.

The $100 is non-refundable after the questionnaires have been completed.

For more information, call and speak to Bob or Gail directly at (Area 408) 266.3420 or email


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