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Joining the Silicon Valley Chapter of A.C.M.E.

You don't really join the Silicon Valley Chapter of A.C.M.E. You just come to a meeting. There is a small charge for the meeting -- usually $10 per couple if the meeting is being led by one of our members. The meeting may be more if we are having a professional speaker. But meetings are either free or discounted for A.C.M.E. members so we encourage you to join A.C.M.E.

Joining A.C.M.E.

To join as a couple, send your check for $40.00 to:
P.O. Box 21374
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

For a limited time, A.C.M.E. is offering a group rate of $30.00 for the first year. To take advantage of this offer, get a group of five or more together and send all names to A.C.M.E. with your check for $30.00 per couple.

or, attend a Chapter meeting and join there.

Your membership gives you access to A.C.M.E meetings, a periodic newsletter, and access to A.C.M.E. materials. It supports leader training. But far more important it supports the A.C.M.E. mission of

Building Better Marriages Beginning With Our Own,
In Silicon Valley

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