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Positive Conversation Game

Why do we need a game to talk to each other?  We're not trying to trick, trap or test anyone!  It's just fun and exciting for couples to have meaningful conversations.  You may think you know everything about each other but if you begin to delve more deeply into your values, you will find hidden depths in your partner's stimulating thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes people think conversation should be entirely spontaneous but often that kind of talk turns out to be a monologue with no give and take.  Usually it's complaints, stories, gossip, reports of weekend, work, family experiences, or lengthy recitations of health problems.  That's OK when it's needed but sometimes you'd like quality conversation, you want to talk about something interesting, satisfying, or uplifting.

Take turns, show understanding/ active listen.  No criticism or correction.  Just explore each other's minds!

When you wish to amuse yourselves with meaningful subjects try the corrected version of the Positive Conversation Game

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