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Frequently Asked questions about Marriage Enrichment

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Is Marriage Enrichment for troubled marriages?

Every marriage has some troubles, so in that sense "yes." But A.C.M.E. leaders are not (usually) psychologists, psychiatrists or marriage counselors. So for really troubled marriages we urge you to get professional help.


Then what is the point of Marriage Enrichment?

Marriage Enrichment is for every marriage. Experts tell us that only ten per cent of marriages are really happy. Marriage Enrichment seeks to increase that percentage. And, even if you are in that lucky 10% we recommend Marriage Enrichment or something like it to keep you in there.


Are Marriage Enrichment and Marriage Encounter the same thing?

Marriage Encounter is a different organization, or really several different organizations. Marriage Enrichment and Marriage Encounter have different models about how to achieve a happy marriage. Marriage Encounter usually has a religious component -- Marriage Enrichment usually does not (the Silicon Valley Chapter is non-sectarian.) There are other differences, but we all share the goal of helping to achieve better marriages.


What are the characteristics of Marriage Enrichment?

A.C.M.E. style events have distinctive features:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Group Process
  • Couple Dialogue
  • Married couple leadership
  • Focus on Strengths and Growth
  • Voluntary Participation
  • Non-sectarian

What do you mean by "group process"?

Couples share their experiences through dialog (discussion with each other.) They concentrate on improving their own marriage. The group does not enter into the dialog, but their presence helps keep the dialog on the point. The presence of the group helps individuals observe and judge their own behavior.

The group sees other marriages in action and learns from each dialog, changing their perceptions, attitudes and behavior.


Who is Marriage Enrichment for?

We think it is for every couple. Many of our members have been married for many years. Some couples are newly-wed and a few join before they get married.


Do we have to go away for a week-end?

We think that going on a retreat is a great way to start. You get to spend the time together (usually in a beautiful location) and really concentrate on each other. But our lives are so busy these days that isn't always possible. So Silicon Valley Chapter meetings are held on Saturday evenings, four times per year. And you might want to join an enrichment group that meets more often.


Who are the leaders?

A.C.M.E. retreats are led by A.C.M.E. certified leader couples who are well trained and have taught or assisted in leading events. They are not "full time". Some leaders are psychologists; some are ministers; some are teachers; but those are not requirements. The requirement is that they be trained and certified by A.C.M.E. While A.C.M.E. leaders often facilitate on-going enrichment groups, certification is not a requirement to facilitate a group.

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