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Click on any of the following for articles and suggested exercises that couples can do "for fun and profit."

Exercise based on a Sonnet on Marriage

"Positive Relationships: More Happiness at Home" by Bea Strickland

"How To Stay Married While Raising Children" by Bea Strickland

"Super Negotiation for Couples" by By Peter Pearson, Ph.D.
Marriage is a challenge. Growing your business is a challenge. What happens when you try to combine the two?

"Thoughts on Dialogue" by Bea and Jim Strickland
Dialogue is the keystone of A.C.M.E. beliefs. This discussion of how to dialogue was a handout at a recent marriage enrichment retreat.

"Forty -Four Defensive Techniques"
Do you recognize when you are being defensive? This list is from Dr. Dan Wile, author of After the Fight and After the Honeymoon.
Only by recognizing when we are being defensive can we move on to open, honest communication.

"A Conversation About Conversation"
How one couple gets conversations started and how one man learned to converse better with his partner.

"Gaining Intimacy Through Conversation"
Getting to know your partner more intimately. What is intimacy in conversation? Tips and an exercise to make conversations more fun

Exercise to help with above article

"What Makes A Great Marriage"
Answers from nine couples. Different views from couples -- most of whom were married a number of years.

"Mace Magic" - by Jerry Lambert
Couple dialog was developed by David and Vera Mace, founders of A.C.M.E.. It is the primary tool used in A.C.M.E. settings and it can be magic. It was for Jerry and Karin Lambert.

"Avoiding Dialogue: A.C.M.E.'s Dilemma?" - by Jerry Lambert
A sequel to "Mace Magic" -- Jerry Lambert asks "Couple dialog is an amazing tool. Why don't we use it more often?"

"When Values Collide" - by Jim Strickland
Most problems in a relationship come up again and again because couples have different values. Values are deep seated and give rise to feelings of "right" and "wrong". This article discusses the topics of values, the on-going problems they represent and what to do about it. Two exercises can help couples discuss this important topic.

"Designing Your Ideal Relationship " - by Jim Strickland
How Silicon Valley Couples Describe Their Ideal Relationship. Also a pair of exercises to help any couple define their ideal relationship and to take steps toward achieving it.

"How to Correct Your Partner" - by Jim Strickland
Correcting your partner can be tricky. Here’s our advice.

"Marriage Linked to Happiness "
A recent article from an international news service shows the monetary value of marriage -- Reuters

"Improving Your Marriage -- Principle I" - by Bea and Jim Strickland
Book Review by Bea Strickland and Exercise excerpted from Seven Principles for Improving your Marriage By John Gottman Ph.D. and Nan Silver

"Emotional Intelligence" By Barbara Plum
A short article based on the program presented by Barbara and David Plum at the September meeting of the Silicon Valley chapter of A.C.M.E. The program was based on the book Emotional Intelligence by David Goleman.

"The Role of Respect in Marriage"
excerpted from The Good Marriage by Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee
A short article on a crucial ingredient successful marriages.

"Three Little Words" by Bea and Jim Strickland
An exercise to discover what each partner likes to hear from the other.

"Getting Over The Cold War" by Bea and Jim Strickland
A short article and exercise to help couples find their own formula for getting back together more quickly after a disagreement.

"What I’ve Learned About Marriage" Author Unknown
A wonderful short course about what is really important in a relationship.

"What’s The Difference? " by Bea and Jim Strickland
A quick quiz and discussion about one area of difference between men and women in a relationship.

"Love and Chemistry " by Marilyn Vos Savant (reprinted with Ms. Savant’s permission)
A discussion of the roles of psychology and biology in romantic love.

"Self Esteem for Couples" by Bea Strickland
How to help increase your partner’s self esteem and your relationship.

"Fighting? We’re not Fighting. We’re just Discussing" by Bea and Jim Strickland
An exercise that examines your style of conflict resolution.

" Expectations in Marriage" by Jim Strickland
An exercise based on a speech by Dr. Laurie Gordon.

"Who Is Your Best Friend? " by Jim Strickland

"Learn to Keep Your Tongue, and You Might Keep Your Man."
Column reprinted by permission of Ann Landers.
How one woman magically changed her relationship -- by herself.

"Will You Forgive me?" by Jim Strickland
The most powerful tool to heal the hurts that occur in any relationship.

"A Sonnet on Marriage" by Bobbye Wood

"Eleven Reasons Why it is Great to be Married Forty Years." by Bea and Jim Strickland

"Our Marriage is Like Bubble Gum" by Barbara and David Plum

"Can you Have a Good Marriage and Live in the Fast Lane?" by Barbara and David Plum

"Rebuilding the Culture of Happy Marriages" by Barbara and David Plum

"Building Better Families Beginning with Our Own" by Edna Wallace

"Teasing - Whatsa' Matter Can'tcha Take a Joke" by Bea Strickland
Teasing may be the most destructive force in a relationship.


Additional articles and exercises can be found at the home page of the A.C.M.E. National Organization



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Exercise: based on a Sonnet on Marriage